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Podcast Highlight: Girls Night with Stephanie May Wilson

November 5, 2017

Podcast Highlight: Girl's Night with Stephanie May Wilson | Salted Adventures

Podcast Highlight: Girls Night with Stephanie May Wilson


The Salted Adventures mission is all about spreading love around [ like butter ] and I’d like to start off today’s post by cutting to the chase… I’d like to give grace a face and tell you how much I LOVE the Girl’s Night [with stephanie may wilson ] podcast. I want you to listen to it! So I am going to take the next few minutes lifting Stephanie up because we NEED to support our sisters in business and our sisters in Christ so much.


Let’s lift each other up, yeah?

I do not want to walk around this world talking about caring for other people when I’m really only caring for myself. Let me say it loud and clear…I care about YOU! I care about what will inspire you and heal you and make you feel loved and happy. A lot of the resources this wonderful biz woman provides is doing just that for me…so I don’t want to keep it for myself. Seriously, I just want you to have access to all the amazing things out there that have been inspiring me. Everyone deserves to feel that spark in them, and I hope something in her content provides that spark for you.


Praise for the blog!

Stephanie’s blog provides awesome content…I am not trying to trick you [ and no, I’m not getting paid to plug this ]. A lot of bloggers would be like, don’t plug other people’s stuff too much and certainly don’t link to their sites all the time because you want people to stay on your site and SEO the crap outta your page and increase the time people spend on your site and blah blah blah. Honestly, that stuff just makes me want to pull my hair out now. I WANT TO TELL YOU ABOUT THIS AMAZING THING AND I DON’T CARE IF IT BENEFITS ME OR NOT!



Praise for the podcast!

If you’re looking for a good place to start, I listened to this podcast episode on comparison and it really challenged me to shift my thinking. We talk about not comparing ourselves to other people all the time, but do we ever really stop?! I had to face that I was still doing it…a lot [ sheesh]. This episode features Jordan Lee, of Soul Scripts [ one of my other favorite people right now…can you ever have too many? ] and the two offer such an amazing perspective on living in this comparative world, for real.


For my travel-inclined readers, this podcast episode features Brianna Glen, owner of Milk + Honey Travels. The pair talks about really making travel a part of your life and all the practicals and mindset shifts it takes to make travel a priority. This is a really good listen for both seasoned travelers and those who really need a push to get going on the next adventure. It really helped me dream again!


Praise for the book!

And lastly, remember how I recently wrote about how I took a hiatus and now I’m back blogging? Well, God dropped me a lot of little hints to get me going again. One of them, and I’m being completely serious, was Stephanie’s book, The Lipstick Gospel [ get your paperback copy here or your online copy here ]. One of the reasons this was so impactful for me is because I felt this kinship with her story. She studied abroad in Spain like I studied abroad in Spain and I just connected with her like we are already friends. The book has this familiar feeling, like you’re just friends telling stories over a glass of wine. And honestly, her bravery in writing the book and telling a hard story made me want to be brave again. I was reading and thinking, I’m so proud of you Stephanie! And then I was like, I could be proud of me too…I could write again. It’s so simple and sweet and so I wanted to say a simple and sweet thank you here because God is so good for bringing me to this point — and I’m so happy I can share it with YOU!



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