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12 Female Travel Bloggers Rocking It Online

May 29, 2016

12 Female Travel Bloggers Rocking it Online | Salted Adventures

12 Female Travel Bloggers Rocking It Online

I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m a travel blog junkie. I actually do chase after the best travel instagram accounts and the most inspiring articles I can find. And I will also blatantly admit to being partial to female travelers. Not that our counterparts aren’t great, but when it comes to world travel, I often side with the female perspective. With what little leisurely time I have, I devote to scouring the internet to find encouragement; the next female travel writer that is 10x better than me at their craft and will push me forward in mine. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive list of travel blogs, this is not that. These influential bloggers are solely my personal favorites…because they’re awesome. And, if you weren’t looking for my opinion here, well, what exactly are you doing on my blog? Seriously though, I really think you should be following along with these sites, because these ladies are doing work worth celebrating. So here it is, in no particular order, 12 female travel bloggers rocking it online.


Young Adventuress

12 Female Travel Bloggers Rocking it Online | Salted Adventures

Liz is, and will continue to be, my real life girl crush. American born, current New Zealand resident and world traveler, her site continues to be a voice in my head, pushing me further in this crazy travel industry. Her experience inspires me, someone who didn’t plan on making a living from travel, but behold, now she is. Sometimes, if we don’t take the scary opportunities, our dreams nearly pass us up, and Liz’s slow start moves me forward in mine. She comes at her writing opinionated, real and classy in that “I don’t care what you think of me” kind of way. Liz takes on unique travel experiences, gives loads of information and historical background, and shares her hate mail annually. Amen.

In one of my favorite posts, Liz shares how blogging taught her to be creative again. Man, I can relate!


World of Wanderlust

12 Female Travel Bloggers Rocking it Online | Salted Adventures

If you fancy a travel blog that is more than just a travel blog, follow Aussie blogger, Brooke as she shares not only her travels, but lifestyle tips, beauty advice and recipes. The most enjoyable part about reading Brooke’s blog is that you can tell she really cares about inspiring her readers and sharing her life with people. She’s turned her hobby into one of the most read travel blogs and is even turning her writing into books.

I’m a big fan of this post including her rundown of the best National Parks in Europe. Perfect for outdoor and adventure travel enthusiasts. 


Her Packing List

12 Female Travel Bloggers Rocking it Online | Salted Adventures

This blog was one of my original finds through Pinterest, “back in the day” when I was setting out on my first long haul journey and had no idea what to pack. All I needed to do what stumble upon Brooke’s site and I was well on my way to packing success. The reason I am so crazy about this blog is because the team at HPL are so keen on promoting solo female travel and providing detailed packing and destination guides. This is a long-standing, super helpful and uber inspirational blog in my opinion. Plus, the major visual upgrades over the years make the site easy to navigate and fun to read.

Here is a great article covering how to talk to your friends and family when they’re not as excited about your travels as you are. I love how practical HPL’s posts are.


Sonderers Travel Magazine

12 Female Travel Bloggers Rocking it Online | Salted Adventures

Don’t be fooled by the name, this site is strictly an online publication, offering monthly “issues”, each as a collection of stories circling around a different theme. Sonderers explores the connection between travel and the human experience. What I love about this publication is the collective attitude that the reader gets to share in, since contributions come from various authors instead of a singular voice. I will go ahead and say it, one of the co-founders is male, eek! I’ll eat my own words about the theme of this post here for the sake of sharing this site with you, that’s how much I love it.

This article from the March Issue focusing on “Humanity” covers one writer’s experience with capturing the definition of humanity. I LOVED reading the answers of the various people questioned and thinking about how I would describe humanity.


Happiest When Exploring

12 Female Travel Bloggers Rocking it Online | Salted Adventures

I am happy to say I know Erica personally, and she’s a gem. She’s one of my favorite Canadians (and I know a lot of Canadians for some reason). She has done a killer job since launching last year, and her site is a fantastic resource for vegan and vegetarian travelers. With expertise on Montreal and several solo journeys under her belt, Erica and HWE is a trusted resource for all things travel. I highly suggest checking out her tips for travel planning and various packing lists. Erica is one of those positive women you can’t get enough of, and she’s definitely out to inspire her followers, not just another nomad digging for a dime.

This post is an awesome resource for trip planning, quickly. I don’t know about you, but the first thing to kill my excitement over a trip is having to spend too much time planning or going over logistics endlessly. 


The Strange & New

12 Female Travel Bloggers Rocking it Online | Salted Adventures

I got word of this site through my school, Matador U by Matador Network, and I am truly enthusiastic for this duo. After hearing founders Shannon & Jacqueline recently revamped the site visually, I took a look for myself. The site is impressive and clean, making it easy to navigate through some fantastic content. The two are undertaking a difficult mission, interrupting the voice of same-old travel blogs with a tagline “cutting the bullsh*t out of travel”. The real-talk attitude of the site is my favorite part. These women are getting to the core of travel, and I’m sold.

My favorite post is about one of the best topics if you want a laugh out of any traveler: bathroom stuff. I love a good poop story, yeah, I said it. See what I mean about cutting the bullsh*t out of travel? Just go read it.


The One With Wanderlust

12 Female Travel Bloggers Rocking it Online | Salted Adventures

My main reason for loving this blog is because it’s focused largely on Spain, my one true love, but the site’s creator, Erica, has been all around. If you’re looking to teach in Spain, this is a great blog to follow. The colorful pictures (she’s a great photographer) and overall approachable attitude of Erica’s writing will draw you in until you’ve scrolled through years of content. I mean, not that I totally did that or anything, ahem. Plus, I actually found Young Adventuress through this blog, so…double win!

My favorite post, about transitioning out of a new-found home, leaves my heart truly aching every time. 


Legal Nomads

12 Female Travel Bloggers Rocking it Online | Salted Adventures

Jodi, a former lawyer turned foodie nomad, has build quite an empire for herself online. A gifted storyteller and an expert on traveling with Celiacs, her site is a plethora of resources for world travel, and gluten-free eats. Jodi is truly a savvy business woman, as she’s been able to leverage her talent to become an award-winning travel journalist and successful keynote speaker. You can trust her content contains information gathered from in-depth research and actual time spent where she’s talking about. You can sense the air of a well-traveled woman as you read, and that’s what makes her so good at what she does.  

My favorite post looks back on 8 years of traveling. Jodi speaks frankly about what putting down roots means to her, owning the decisions you make and that travel isn’t the answer to everything.


Twins That Travel

12 Female Travel Bloggers Rocking it Online | Salted Adventures

TTT was started by, you guessed it, twin sisters Claire and Laura. What gave that away? Since my childhood desire to become a twin and a preteen obsession with the Olsen sisters, I love pretending I at least know twins. I don’t, by the way. So this blog, of course, fills the need. Claire and Laura are obviously promoters of travel, but they’re also promoters of real life. Aside from blogging, they have normal lives and are not part of the snotty blogger culture that sneers at nine to fivers. They just seem like those kind of girls you could just be friends with, you know? And that’s what I love about them, that genuine niceness. No online mean girls on my list, thanks.

My favorite post is on a topic close to my heart. It’s an inspirational piece about the realities of anxiety, how to manage the ridiculousness and continue to travel.


The Blonde Abroad

12 Female Travel Bloggers Rocking it Online | Salted Adventures

One could criticize and say I’m only including this blog because it’s award-winning and super well known across the travel blog world, blah blah blah. But screw the haters, I love this site. Kiersten is a California native, who, I’ll just say it, is super gorgeous and has done a really well job for herself in the industry. She’s a beacon of success for those of us looking up at the top of the travel blog mountain trying to stop tripping over ourselves long enough to get someone to throw down a rope. Her site is an awesome resource for budget to luxury travel, festivals and opportunities for working abroad. Way to go, Kiersten, keep rocking it!

While it’s hard to pick a favorite post with such a database of good stuff, I really love this article on trips to take in your 20s. Adventure while you can chicas! 


Girl vs Globe

12 Female Travel Bloggers Rocking it Online | Salted Adventures

Czech-born and living in London, Sabina describes her journey starting her blog as life-changing, and doesn’t say so lightly. She clearly has not only a passion for travel, but for inspiring women to take charge. While her main niches are travel, food and fashion, she has devoted ample space for her Girl Power and blogging categories. Sabina is open about her life and the steps it took to get her business where it’s at. That’s what I love: transparency! She is not trying to put on a front and writes about every adventure as if she was just sharing stories with a friend. I want to travel with this chick! Heck, I’d be friends with her, too. Plus, joining her super cool blogging community on Facebook has led me to amazing bloggers and a Liebster Award!

My favorite post is actually a cinema ad Sabina did, working with the European Commission to raise awareness about development projects in 5 countries around the world experiencing and working through crisis.


The Wandering Blonde

12 Female Travel Bloggers Rocking it Online | Salted Adventures

Ok, so most travel blogs go a little bit like this: “Something was missing in my life so I quit my job, left everything behind to travel, and now it’s my living…etc.” Right? Not this one. Kelly is an American traveler, hear this…still living in America. Yes, she has an apartment, a full time job unassociated with travel and a normal life. But she made travel a priority in her life and then decided to blog about it. Awesome, huh? I love the inspiration that she brings to those trying to break into the industry, a voice that says, you can do both: life and travel.

A very honest read, my favorite post evaluates the idea of travel and privilege.


So that’s it! My favorite female travel bloggers…right now of course. I’m finding new blogs to follow almost everyday, so I’m sure I’ll have a whole new list by this time next year.


P.S. If you loved this post, check out my pinterest board on female travelers and this post on my favorite female travel memoirs!

{If you have a travel blog you think I should follow, don’t hesitate to send me an email or get in contact with me via social media. I love building my community!}

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