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10 Powerful Encouragements When You Need A Creative Breakthrough

August 21, 2016

10 Powerful Encouragements When You Need A Creative Breakthrough + The one book you need to read if you want to be a writer | Salted Adventures

10 Powerful Encouragements When You Need A Creative Breakthrough


Salted Adventures


It’s funny what a difference 9 months can make. Last December, when I made a decision to begin this blog, I was really excited to dive into a new project. My little baby writer brain had turned on after years on sleep mode and I was jazzed. I knew my energy wouldn’t last, but I rode the wave and went through the motions. Contrary to haters’ beliefs, running a blog isn’t always easy. The self-doubt and the overwhelming workload of business ownership can be crippling if you let it. The biggest thing all this pressure can steal from you? Your inspiration, your passion, your “joie de vivre”. Since I’ve decided to always be honest with my readers, (why God, why?) I have to admit I’ve been in that hole recently. A bit more often than I feel comfortable admitting, I’ve put off writing, I’ve put off working and I’ve put off living.


I’ve been in need of what I call a “creative breakthrough”.


You see, I’m learning something as time goes on. The pursuit of “blog success” will absolutely kill your creativity 100%. Skim too many articles on pinterest and you get envious of other people’s branding, of their content, their graphics, their business plans, their everything. There’s nothing wrong with studying how other people have found success in your field and attempting to duplicate it. But it’s when you stray from your own voice and your own dreams in order to “win” that you’re screwing yourself. You will win nothing when you pursue what you think you should be doing rather than what you’re made to be doing. We’re each made to do something and no one can do it for us. Every writer needs to be confident in one thing: that they’ve got something to say. No one else can say it for you, so you’ve got to step up. I’ve got to step it up.




All those half written articles, all those excuses of mine, they’ve got to go. Maybe it’s even time to get drastic and cancel my Netflix subscription, (gasp!) to get focused. Writing business plans and redoing my website will get me nowhere if I’m not writing and writing well. And guess what? Writing well takes more time and practice and dedication than I had expected. So, what was a girl to do? Well, I picked up an old friend…a book by Jeff Goins entitled, You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One). I purchased it at the inception of my writing career, and I remember how charged I felt reading it. Just the title itself gets me fired up. It was time to give it another look.


What a difference 9 months made in reading this book. It’s content is so funny, it’s so honest, it’s so true. I not only agree with all of my previous highlights, but found so many new things to be true based on my experience so far. If you want to be a blogger, a writer, a novelist, a journalist, or a storyteller in any sense, this book is my #1 recommendation. Read it before you get started, read it while you’re in the thick of the storm, read it when you’re kind of tired of writing or if you have no idea what to do next. Read it if you still need to embrace your identity as a writer. Read it if you need to fall back in love with writing. And especially read it if you need a breakthrough of your own.


Salted Adventures


If I don’t have you convinced yet, let me nudge you a little bit. Here’s a summary of 10 supremely powerful things I’m taking away from You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One).


1. If you are writing, you are a writer.

You don’t have to think yourself as an aspiring writer or a wannabe writer if no one’s ever paid you for your work. There will always be doubts and anxiety, but keep affirming you are a writer. Don’t sabotage yourself before you get started. If you want to be a writer, go be one.


2. Believe in yourself, always.

Convince yourself you are a pro writer well before it happens. “Trust your calling before you have anything to show for it”. Sometimes being successful isn’t about taking giant leaps, it’s about just taking the next step.


3. Don’t let fear get in the way of finishing

Fear will lead you to a life of half written projects and underdeveloped ideas. Don’t let your creativity get so wild that it gets in the way of actual productivity. Start a project, then finish it. Then keep doing that over and over. Don’t get bogged down by a million different ideas that you can never fully commit to.


4. Do one thing at a time and do it well

Don’t spread your focus too wide. Make writing a priority. Stop making excuses for not having time and make room in your life to practice your gift. Give writing the respect it deserves. It’s hard and you have to be consistent. Writing is a choice.


5. First drafts always suck

Learn to take criticism along with the craft. Discovering and refining your voice as a writer is not a quick process. Put your work out there to be read because sometimes you have to get help finding your sweet spot.


6. Good writing is effective writing

Good writing conveys a message; it gets to the point quickly. Stop trying to be good and just say what you came to say. Get rid of anything that convolutes your point. Prepare to be ruthless in your editing. You have to write a lot so you can edit even more. Make every word count.


7. You’re not alone

Don’t just write the words you want other people to hear. Write what you need to say and what you really feel. There are tons of people out there a lot like you, going through similar things, feeling the same. You’re one in a million, but you’re not alone in your struggles. If you need to write it, chances are someone else needs to hear it.


8. Put your work out there so you can fail

You have to be ok with nobody caring about you or what you have to say. It’s not art until you’ve shared it and you won’t know how to succeed until you fail. The bottom line is, “People will disagree with you if you’re writing something that matters”. Be ok with that and do what you were born to do anyway.


9. Chase love, not success

If you feel trapped by what you’re doing now, you’re probably chasing the wrong result, like success or praise or positive feedback. Instead, chase the love of the craft. Write because you need to, not because anyone else needs you to, or you need to be anyone else. Stop seeking the approval of others. If you’re passionate, you will attract the right people to your work.


10. Relationship is king, not content

Be intentional about sharing your work because the world is noisy. Create a community, not just fans. Build meaningful connections and engage with people. Be helpful. Let your audience get to know the real you. Earn trust. Know that everyone is searching for inspiration and no one has it all figured out. Your words don’t matter if your heart is all wrong.


Salted Adventures


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…And one of the most valuable lessons learned from the book, I’ve learned first hand over the past 9 months. That no matter how many times you are published, how much you accomplish and how far you expand your reach, you never fully arrive in writing, or in any creative business for that matter. Instead, every milestone just shows you how much more there is still to do. And it’s this new perspective that has me truly excited to see what is next to begin.


P.S. If you’re a writer, be sure to check out my pinterest boards on blogging and freelancing before you go!


Salted Adventures


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    August 27, 2016

    Positive affirmations. Always work. 🙂

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    August 24, 2016

    Fantastic post – and exactly what I needed to read right now. Thanks!

    Kate |